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These course schedules are automatically generated from the Campo. The overviews of the individual courses in the respective FPO and in the study guide are decisive. Please note that for subjects with different dates (courses, e.g. exercises in computer science, mathematics), all dates are given. You can choose a suitable date. The information on time and place applies in the event that the course is offered as a live stream/face-to-face event. Most events are offered face-to-face. Please note the corresponding information in the respective course. If no dates are entered for the course, they will not be listed in the timetable below. The study schedules of the FPO, which you can find in the study guide, are decisive.


Here you find the list of specialization modules within the 4 majors A, C, E, S :

1701 – Major AI and autonomous driving
1702 – Major Connectivity
1703 – Major E-Powertrain
1704 – Major Sustainable mobility and production technology



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Master program: all specialization modules

Attention: With this query, all specialization modules are queried – so there is a large number of overlaps!
Classification as an specialization module in which major is evident from the study guide.

Course schedule
Winter term (2022ws)
Sommer term (2023ss)