FAQ for study beginners in the master’s program ACES

When will I get response for my application?

  • We reviewed already most of the applications, but some are still open for final review. You will get information via campo as soon as they are reviewed.

Late arrival: Due to a late appointment in the German embassy, I will not be able to get my visa and start studying in Erlangen when the semesters begin.

  • Our university is aware of the difficulties students might face regarding travel and their arrival.
    The program allows students to do the whole enrollment process online and via post mail and to join the study program in person / physical presence until the end of November 2022.
  • Here you find a “Letter of Confirmation of Enrolment Period, Language of Instruction and Extension M.Sc. Electromobility-ACES”: (UPDATE SEP 2022): Letter of Confirmation_generic_3-signed
  • If the visa process takes even longer, you also don’t need be worried: you could enroll via post mail for the winter semester 2022/23 and choose online courses at FAU (some of our specialization modules are online). Then you have to be in Erlangen from February 2023 on for the exams, who take place in presence.
  • As an alternative, you can skip your application for winter semester 2022/23 and apply again for the next summer term 2023 (study start April 2023) in Erlangen. Please notice that you have to do a new application via campo, so we cannot guarantee you a study place for summer term. Please include your admission letter for the winter term 2022/23.

I don’t have a degree certificate yet. So can I still continue program in upcoming semester?

  • Yes, you could an admission with the condition to present your bachelor’s certificate within one year

Can I defer my admission to next intake, i.e summer 2023?

  • Yes, you can apply for study start in the next summer semester (april 2023). Our application portal opens in December.

What language certificates should I include in my application?

  • For studying in English language, we require a C1 English language test certificate (e.g. IELTS >= 7 points). Additionally, if your bachelor program has been tought in English language, please include a MOI (medium of instruction English) certificate.

Which majors could I choose? / How could I choose between the 4 majors ACES and register for courses?

  • When the lectures start, you may choose 2 of the 4 majors ACES and every major has a separate list of modules (see here). Registration for courses starts after the beginning of the lecturers (middle of October).

Where is the module handbook?

  • We are still working hard on the module handbook. Since the university has made a big change in its systems (from Univis to Campo), this will take some time. You may find the list of modules here.

Can I study the entire master degree in english?

  • Yes: we have various modules either in English or German language. The list of English modules can be found here.

My postal adress has changed.

  • Please contact zuv-masterbuero@fau.de to update your adress in the admission letter.

Where can I find accomodation?

I missed the application deadline

  • No problem, just apply for the next semester – you can apply in every semester since our master program starts in winter AND in summer term.

I have an conditional admission with the duty to complete the course Production Technology or Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. How could I take these courses?

  • Just visit the lectures and in November you can register of the exams
  • The credits for this course are part of the 120 ECTS of the master program

What is “Practical Training (8 weeks)” with 10 ECTS and how could I complete this?

  • You have to do an internship for at least 8 weeks in a company. If you worked already after your bachelor degree in a company, this maybe could be regognized as Practical training. We are currently establishing our practical training office that then will review this. You are not in a hurry since you need your internship or recognition until the end of your master program.

What are the semester fees and living costs / where can I find an official expense letter?

How many students will be in the master program?

  • We expect about hundred per year.