Application for recognition

Please send the documents in the specified format only to!

For the recognition of study and examination achievements, please only use the following form

Application for recognition: Bachelor of Science E-mobility-ACES (in german language)
Application for recognition: Master of Science E-mobility-ACES (in german/english language): ACES_MA_recognition


Please note:

The internship (practical training) is recognized by the internship office (this has not yet been set up)


Please then send the following documents in the specified format to

  • Application fully completed on the computer with signature in MS Word format
  • Certificate from the previous university about passed exams (if studying at a foreign university, an English or German translation of the documents) in PDF format
  • Module descriptions (possibly also other/additional documents) for the completed modules/services to be credited (not the complete module handbook) in PDF format
  • When converting grades from abroad: Documentation of the best possible grade and the minimum grade required for passing (either shown on the certificate or confirmed by the university) in PDF format