Application for recognition

Summer semester 2024:
Please submit your application for recognition until June, 30th.

The Department of Electrical Engineering will not be able to process applications received from July, 1st to August, 4th (applicable for e.g. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering; Electrical Engineering II).

Please note that due to the vacation period, there may be delays in processing applications in August. Therefore, we ask all students to submit applications for recognition until June, 30th. Thank you for your understanding.


Please send the following documents in the specified format to

  • Application for  recognition fully completed on the computer with signature in MS Word format
  • Certificate from the previous university about passed exams (if studying at a foreign university, an English or German translation of the documents) in PDF format
  • Module descriptions (possibly also other/additional documents) for the completed modules/services to be credited (not the complete module handbook) in PDF format
  • When converting grades from abroad: Documentation of the best possible grade and the minimum grade required for passing (either shown on the certificate or confirmed by the university) in PDF format
  • In case of applying for recognition of mandatory modules from your admission letter (e.g. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering II, Production Technology): Please include your letter of admission for the Master of Science E-mobility ACES.

Important information: Please send your documents only once to Your application of admission will be evaluated. Please consider that this process will take some time. In case of recognition you will be informed by the examination office. In the meantime, please refrain from further inquiries regarding your application of recognition.

Please send the documents in the specified format only to!

For the recognition of study and examination achievements, please only use the following form:

Application for recognition: Bachelor of Science E-mobility-ACES (in german language)
Application for recognition: Master of Science E-mobility-ACES (in german/english language)


Please note: Internships are recognized by the internship office.