The new study program “Electromobility-ACES” of the Faculty of Engineering will start in the winter semester 2022/23 (october 2022).

From autumn 2022 on, we will not only offer you a start in the six-semester bachelor’s degree program, but also a start in the four-semester master’s degree for bachelor’s in related degree programs such as mechatronics, automotive engineering or the like.


Major Acquisition of competences in a selection
the following areas of application
1 AI and Autonomous Driving Machine Learning, Automatic Control, Image Processing
2. Connectivity Digital Communications, Communication Systems, Computer Communication, Smart Grids
3. E-Powertrain Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automotive Engineering, Fuel Cells
4. Sustainable Mobility and
Production Technology
Resource Efficient Production Systems, Electrical Energy Storage Systems, Lightweight Construction


List of major modules: see study guide.